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Everyone at Dominion Financial Solutions is here for the same reason – Our Clients.  We are committed to helping our clients experience success and financial peace of mind through financial literacy and education.
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Richard A. McGrath

Founder & CEO

Richard A. McGrath is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Financial Solutions. It has been his passion for over 25 years to serve his clients and help to ensure that their goals and objectives are achieved.


As a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads, Richard's community ties run deep and are seeded in local businesses, government and our military. The product of a military/civil service family, Richard attended Norview High School and graduated with honors. He then attended Old Dominion University for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Richard entered the financial services industry with a desire to help others and holds insurance licenses in multiple states across the country, and his Series 65 registration.  

Over the years, Richard and his staff have built a successful firm that focuses on retirement income and distribution, estate planning concepts, wealth preservation, business succession, and employee benefit services. Richard's commitment to strong long-term relationships and his passion for financial literacy and education with his clients sets him apart from other advisors.


Richard and his staff of professionals believe that as a fiduciary advisor, they should seek to minimize conflicts of interest, be transparent and live up to the trust placed in them. More specifically, fiduciary financial advisors must: Put their clients' best interests before their own, seeking what is truly best for the client.

Dustin T. Casebolt

Atlanta Office

As many in Atlanta, Dustin is a transplant.  Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Dustin moved to Atlanta in 2015 for a job opportunity where he consulted independent financial advisors.  While Dustin fell in love with Atlanta and his wife, who he met in Atlanta; Dustin missed serving clients directly as a financial advisor and joined Richard and Dominion Financial Solutions to open the Atlanta office. Dustin and Richard have known and worked with each other for years.  Dustin formally joined Dominion Financial Solutions in 2020, however; Dustin has worked in the financial services industry in a variety of different roles.  From employee benefits administrator to financial advisor, he brings a breadth of knowledge with his 15+ years’ experience. 


Dustin and his wife, Kelli, can be found at one of the thousands of restaurants in Atlanta, or maybe at the dog park with their two dogs: Sawyer and Oliver.  Dustin and Kelli both love to travel as well and take advantage, whenever they can, of the world’s busiest airport that allows for direct flights all over the world. ​


Specializing in working with three specific groups of people; airline employees, lawyers, and independent contractors/business owners.  Dustin knows it seems like there is not a lot of crossover between these industries, but they each demand a creative financial planning approach. With family and close friends in each of these industries Dustin knows personally how to navigate these strategies and the challenges that financial planning in these industries can bring.


For years, Dustin has been working with clients and other financial professionals to create retirement income plans that reduce risk, reduce tax liabilities, and increase confidence in the reliability of income.  Dustin is excited to work for a firm that values clients as if they were family and looks forward to working with you and your family.

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