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Our primary focus is and always has been to provide our clients with the financial literacy needed to make decisions regarding their financial health and well-being.


Whether it is the purchase of your first home, the education of your children, planning income in retirement, or creating a legacy that will span generations, Dominion Financial Solutions will help you “Navigate Your Financial Future”. Each individual comes to our firm with a unique financial fingerprint. We do not believe in “cookie-cutter” solutions, as everyone has different risk tolerances, aspirations, goals and dreams.


Social Security Exploration

Today, 90% of Americans age 65 and older receive Social Security income benefits.¹  Will your Social Security benefits be enough in retirement?

Bridge the gap in your retirement strategy. We can help:


  • Review your Social Security and retirement statements to determine potential retirement income shortfalls where a fixed annuity may be a potential solution.

  • Explain the importance of routinely verifying your Social Security statement earnings record for accuracy.

  • Explore strategies that may enhance the benefits available to married couples.

  • Review your unique situation to determine potential eligibility for other types of benefits (ex-spousal, dependent or caregiver benefits).

  • Examine potential effects of taxation on Social Security benefits in light of other sources of retirement income.

¹ Social Security Administration: Social Security Basic Facts, October 13, 2015


Please note that Dominion Financial Solutions and their representatives can provide information, but not give tax or Social Security advice. Consumers should seek guidance from their tax advisor or the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. Dominion Financial Solutions may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and may introduce insurance products, such as a fixed annuity, as a potential solution.


Not approved by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the U.S. Government or any governmental agency.


Legacy Planning Concepts

Will your family be receiving the legacy that matters most?

More than just a bank account or stock certificates—your family legacy encompasses all the experiences that your family holds dear, as well as the values, wisdom, and hopes you leave for them.

With this in mind, the question for you becomes more about what each of your family members value most. You can't really know until you start talking about all the key components of creating a legacy.


It could be that values and life lessons are top on someone's list. While someone else may rate personal possessions of emotional value #1.  Still, there are others that may believe the financial assets and real estate are the key components for them.  Starting a meaningful discussion about your family legacy can be difficult—but it doesn't have to pull your family apart. It can help bring you together, resolve conflicts, and spare emotional tensions later on.


Although we are not estate planners and do not provide tax or legal advice, we can help you explore your life insurance options to help meet your legacy planning goals.

Success comes with Responsibility. 

As your Wealth grows, life doesn’t get simpler, it gets more complex.  The more you have the more you need to plan for.  Now more than ever, you need a strong strategy to navigate the potential risks and rewards of wealth.  That is what we do.  Dominion Financial Solutions provides financial advice for people who want to protect and grow their money. Our reputation is built on a long track record of working with people who like to succeed.  People like you.  Our process is sound and solid.  We help you define your goals, review your assets, analyze your needs and provide recommendations. We can also help manage your portfolio, monitor and track your progress online, and work with you to refine and revise along the way.  If you want to secure your financial future, we can show you how.


Ask us about Comprehensive Planning and how it can impact your retirement today.

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